About Me

I am an Australian-born New Zealand citizen living in Sydney, Australia. This website is about me and things I’ve done, or do.

I used to be a ‘pro’ Halo player. I was most active in Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3, though the peak of my gaming career was in Halo 2, where I represented New Zealand at the World Cyber Games in 2005 in Singapore with my team mate and brother, Pyroteq. I still play Halo on Xbox Live occasionally when I have time, and will be online a lot more when the Halo Masterchief Collection is updated. My gamertag is Satiex.

I am also a musician, playing bass and vocals in multiple projects, including releasing EP’s, music videos, and touring around Australia. The projects I’ve been involved in are Searching for Doughnuts, Tenpenny Towers, Chasing Everest, Mail Day, and Aura Animi. I’ve also filled in for To The Grave and Baltimore.

I am an IT professional with an interest and passion for information security. In 2017 I completed a Bachelor of IT (Network Security). In 2018 I became CCNA Cyber Ops certified. I’m currently working through the OSCP course and work as a Security Analyst for an managed security services provider.

Other than that, I’m just a dude who hasn’t died yet. I can usually be found in at gigs around Sydney, Infosec conferences, the local, and, (less frequently), at the gym or running.