Uninstall OpenVAS on Kali Linux

OpenVAS is an opensource and free vulnerability scanner. Tonight I’ve been struggling to log into the web interface for the OpenVAS web application on Kali Linux. I don’t remember installing it but I don’t have the password and the instructions I’ve found to reset the password have not been working for me. I tried a few ways to uninstall OpenVAS completely to start again, and was also having trouble with this until I found this guide which explains how to achieve this:

sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt-get purge openvas*
sudo apt-get purge openvas9*
sudo apt-get purge openvas*
sudo apt-get purge libopenvas9
sudo apt-get purge libopenvas9-dev
sudo apt autoremove
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/openvas/

After that, reinstall using

sudo apt install openvas

For reference, here is the version of Linux I was using:

└─$ uname -a
Linux Kali 5.9.0-kali1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.9.1-1kali2 (2020-10-29) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Update coming soon to say whether or not this fixed the password issue.


** UPDATE **

Still had some issues that I wasn’t bothered to figure out. Turns out that OpenVAS isn’t really a thing any more, but Greenbone Security Manager Trial is the successor for free vulnerability scanning.

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